Darn! This journey has ended - sorry you missed it!
BUT, the great news is, I'm planning on
presenting more events like this.
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Get Your Guy: 5-Day Journey with Kim Sarasin
Hosted by Kim Sarasin, The Queen of Hearts™
Darn! This journey has ended - sorry you missed it!
BUT, the great news is, I'm planning on
presenting more events like this.
To get on the VIP list (and receive other goodies!), simply fill in your info on the RIGHT for early announcements.
To get on the VIP list (and receive other goodies!), simply fill in your info BELOW
for early announcements.
I know you even though we may never have met.
Not sure about that? Let’s see if I’m describing you…

You’re an accomplished, highly intelligent woman who achieved (and maybe even surpassed) so many of your goals this year.

Except meeting the ONE.

And, being a smart, woman-who-gets-her goals type of gal, you thought you took all the right steps to attract your soulmate:
  • Read self-help books
  • Did the therapy
  • Searched google for answers
  • (Skeptically)joined an online dating site
    Yet, here you are, almost at the end of the year - and still single.

    And, you’re probably asking yourself: I’m such a great catch, WHY do I keep ending every year alone?

    It’s a perfectly natural and smart question.

    In fact, it’s the one question I get asked most often by successful women like you.

    As a Master Coach who has conducted over 30,000 private sessions – honestly there is no ONE simple answer about why you don’t have a man. After all, you’re unique and every one’s situation is different.

    BUT, what I can tell you, is that every private client that followed what I have planned out for you in this free 5 Day Journey to open their heart – all got their guy!

    Those women are not prettier, smarter or any different than you. They simply released what no longer served them – and opened their heart to love.

    Which is EXACTLY what I’ll be helping you do too!
    Here’s How It Works:
    The Get Your Guy 5-Day Journey begins on November 20th and runs through to November 24. Each day, you will receive a short video with a simple exercise.

    We will then join together for a BONUS LIVE Training at 1pm EST/ 10am PST where I will share how to go even deeper with all that you discovered – and answer any questions you have about your journey, men, relationships – the floor is yours!

    Each day, we will focus on a new topic with exercises and actions steps designed to open your heart and shift the blocks you have in your love life.
    This will not take up too much time!
    I created this to be short, sweet and easy to implement.
    Get Your Guy: 5 Day Journey with Kim Sarasin
    Day 1: Finishing 2017 Empowered: When we embark on any journey, we don’t want to carry heavy bags along the way. This day is about kissing the current year goodbye (with love) so you are able to easily call in the ONE.

    Day 2: Shifting Limiting Beliefs:
    After experiencing a series of setbacks in love, feelings of doubt, fear, rejection etc… can make you want to give up. I will share strategies I use personally and  walk you through a powerful exercise & healing to help you release these feelings.

    Day 3: Igniting Your Feminine Energy: THIS call is worth your time investment alone! I’m going to walk you through exactly how to “switch off” your boardroom/ business energy and drop into that softer place within you that men crave to be around - in minutes!

    Day 4: Surrounding You With Love: In order to let love in, you have to create room for it first. This day is about doing an inventory what you have currently surrounded yourself with (furniture/ friends/ etc..) and making sure it aligns and supports your soulmate goals.

    Day 5: Attraction Through Action:
    If you’re like many women, you have no idea where or how to attract a man. And as you know, hoping, wishing and praying is not enough, right? This day we’ll focus on LOTS of tangible, easy action steps you can implement ongoing to keep you motivated and inspired every day!
    BONUS Training + Q&A Call:  Going Deeper Along Your Journey to Love

    This is your opportunity to bring what you’ve experienced along your Get the Guy journey to a LIVE call where I’ll share ways to go even deeper with what you discovered and answer any questions you have about this experience, men, relationships and dating!

    Save the date: We’ll join together for the BONUS Q&A call on November 27 at 1pm EST. I’ll send you the call-in details when you register!

    "My Confidence With Men and Self-Image Are 100% Better!"  ~ J.R.

    After coaching with Kim, I now understand the “why” of SO many things and my confidence with men and self-image is now 100% better than before! I noticed powerful results after just three sessions – I even noticed changes in other’s attitudes towards me. For the first time, I can now envision following a path to finding true happiness for myself and that feels absolutely wonderful!
    Client Testimonial

    "I attracted the man of my dreams" ~ S.K.

    Kim I just want to thank you SO MUCH for all the information I learned in your Soulmate Attraction Seminar. What amazed me is not only did I attract the man of my dreams, but how much I can use your information for so many other areas of my life. I was putting on a big event and was able to get so many HUGE sponsors – all by using the tools and steps you taught us! You’ve changed my life Kim and I can’t thank you enough…
    Client Testimonial

    "Wow-I took so many things away from this event!" ~ J.K.

    I am SO happy I attended this workshop…WOW – I took so many things away from this event. How mistaken I was about men thinking about men and relationships! My only regret is that I didn’t hear this information sooner. It was comforting to find out that other women go through the same struggles. It was a relief to know that I wasn’t the only one who had challenges with men. I can hardly wait to test out all the new tips and techniques with men I meet! As soon as I walked out of the seminar I noticed I was getting more smiles, attention and doors being held open for me. Oh my, the seminar has reminded me how FUN it is to be a woman!! I can also clearly see where I was making excuses and blaming things outside of me as to why I was not having success with men. Now, my attitude has improved 100% and I feel that having a life time partner is within reach – yay! Thanks for a great course Kim and I’m excited about the future!
    Client Testimonial
    Kim Sarasin, The Queen of Hearts
    Meet Your Host & Coach
    Kim Sarasin - The Queen of Hearts™
    For over 20 years, Kim has been dusting off the hearts of thousands of women across the globe. She believes every woman can attract their perfect man - and has proven she knows how to do this with her high 97% success rate!
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    Get Your Guy: 5 Day Journey with Kim Sarasin
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